Our Branch at UCL brings a diverse and metropolitan community of scholars to our work

UCL is renowned for its international environment, and key work on sustainability issues.

Our UCL Branch seeks to engage students across disciplines in the heart of the Capital. As a London branch, our committee at UCL will seek to build a client base of city firms and organisations.

Georgia Cavanagh

Branch Director, UCL

Georgia is currently studying towards her MSc in Environment, Politics and Society at UCL, after completing her BA (Hons) History at the University of Nottingham. At Nottingham, she won the Vice-Chancellor’s Medal among other awards for her environmental work, including her roles as President of Sustainability Society, Partner Relations Executive of Foodprint (Enactus Nottingham) and Deputy Officer of the Environment and Social Justice Network. She endeavours to further her commitment to sustainability and environmental justice through her role with Six Degrees.

Charlotte de Vaulx

Research Director, UCL

Charlotte is currently earning an MSc in Environment, Politics, and Society at UCL. With a background in Economics and Environmental Science, she plans to work right at the business-science-politics intersection. Charlotte is especially passionate about promoting interdisciplinary and sustainability-driven research, with a focus on mixed methodology, impact assessment, and reflexive knowledge politics. Past experiences working in community-building and strategy further motivates her excitement in fostering a connected diverse Six Degrees sustainability research network, leveraging knowledge for urgent sustainability goals. In her free time, you'd likely find her reading (esp. Brain Pickings blog), exploring the outdoors, or happily drinking a matcha. Her best sustainability research podcast recommendation? In Common (originally Finding Sustainability)

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