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Cycle 1 Projects 2020-21

Our projects last approximately 10 weeks starting in Autumn term and can be further tailored to client needs. We offer free consulting services in the form of continual consultations, in-depth team research, and content curation. Our consulting programme is the foundation of all our branches.

We work with a variety of clients across multiple governmental and corporate sectors on:

  • Environmental impact mitigation and enhancement strategies

  • Long-term business value-creation and mission

  • Environmental policy advice

  • Strategic thought leadership for sustainable transition

We are highly selective in our recruitment. Each team of six consultants is selected from a large pool of applicants, and led by a team leader in a graduate program. Consultants are trained by industry professionals and world-class academics to produce insights that our clients can trust. Seminars and workshops throughout the 10-week project foster collaboration and innovation.

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