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Cambridge scholars leverage their intellectual capital to enhance sustainability strategy and thought-leadership

The University of Cambridge branch brings on elite student capabilities while expanding their impact-driven experience.


This branch is now recruiting!

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Sumaera Rathore

Branch Director, Cambridge

Sumaera is currently studying for a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about driving social change and promoting sustainability. Believing that innovation and research can shape the future of our society; she has been involved in several enterprises, including an international project creating a novel diagnostic device for Chagas disease in Latin America. Sumaera also volunteers for student access programmes and her college’s green team. As branch director, she has set up the Cambridge branch and is engaging students from a range of backgrounds in high impact projects that endorse sustainable living. 

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Dominic Brennan

Consultant Director, Cambridge

Dominic is reading a Ph.D. in Nuclear Reactor Physics and Engineering, exploring the capability of Multi-objective Optimisation methods in nuclear systems. He is interested in the role different energy systems have in their unique approaches to replacing fossil fuels. Dominic worked in engineering consulting between his MSc. and Ph.D., during which he worked on myriad projects from the granular economics-based models to governmental investment recommendations.

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Samantha Pinches

Development Director

Samantha is a third-year Music student at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Previously, she has worked in business development for London Politica, a student-run political risk advisory that democratises access to political risk for several charities and sustainable NPOs worldwide. As Development Director, she is passionate about engaging with organisations that will see and implement real change as a result of Six Degrees' services.

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Claire Riordan

Publicity Director

Claire is a 1st year PhD candidate in Civil Engineering, looking at advanced capsule manufacturing techniques for the large-scale production of macro and micro capsules for self-healing cementitious systems. Previous to this, she completed her BE and ME in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at University College Dublin, as well as a research period in the University of Maryland investigating metabolic flux analysis. Claire is interested in the dissemination of information concerning various sustainable technological advances and methodologies which help producers and consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

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