Cambridge scholars leverage their intellectual capital to enhance sustainability strategy and thought-leadership

The University of Cambridge branch brings on elite student capabilities while expanding their impact-driven experience. 

The branch is currently recruiting for committee positions. If you are a current Cambridge student and interested in helping to manage our programmes, please apply below.


Sumaera Rathore

Branch Director, Cambridge

Sumaera is currently studying for a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about driving social change and promoting sustainability. Believing that innovation and research can shape the future of our society; she has been involved in several enterprises, including an international project creating a novel diagnostic device for Chagas disease in Latin America. Sumaera also volunteers for student access programmes and her college’s green team. As branch director, she has set up the Cambridge branch and is engaging students from a range of backgrounds in high impact projects that endorse sustainable living. 

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