Our branch at Durham brings on elite students to tough strategic thinking and key research

Durham scholars are highly motivated and we are proud to engage them in our programmes, bringing on the most talented budding consultants and researchers for change.

If you are an aspiring change-maker at Durham who understands the central importance of sustainability in our economy and society, our team there is keen to hear from you.


Tony Wong

Branch Director, Durham

Tony is a student of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Durham. He is passionate about emerging markets and development economics, such as aid, trade, institutions and investment opportunities. He has consulting experience through Six Degrees's partnership with CSRN. As founder and director of our new Durham Branch, he is engaging more students in key work for clients and research for sustainability.

Consulting Director, Durham

Julia Zhang

Julia is an MSc Business Analytics student at Durham University. She will be running the training sessions and overseeing the projects at Durham Branch. She a passionate driver of change in the energy and transportation industry. In the last few years, She has worked as an investment management intern and an equity research analyst. In her free time, she also volunteers at homeless shelters and works with student-led social enterprises.

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Jasper Fowler

Development Director, Durham

Jasper is a second-year student studying Economics and Management at Durham University. He believes sustainable thinking should be applied to all the work that we do in life – something he hopes to nurture as Development Director at Six Degrees. He has had experience working with consulting groups – as a consultant for 180 Degrees; he was in charge of designing and implementing a volunteer outreach strategy for a charity, and assisted in transitioning the status of the organisation from a foundation to a CIO.

Olenka Bordakova

Publicity Director, Durham

Olenka is a second year International Relations student at the University of Durham. As a Publicity Director for Six Degrees Durham, she believes that spreading awareness of sustainable development is the key to increasing people's engagement with the cause. In the past few months she has worked as Store Manager for AbScent, a charity for those suffering with anosmia, and will be continuing working on their publicity remotely this year.