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We bring together a wide-range of students to implement SDG's  through strategic thinking and key research. All benefit through student and client collaboration. 

Durham students work directly with clients, prioritising six of the Sustainable Development Goals (Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land), ensuring environmentally friendly growth of charities, CICs, NGO's and large scale corporations. 

What we offer:

  • Environmental and climate policy advice 

  • Sustainable strategy development

  • Environmental impact assessments and audits

  • Long-term business value creation 

  • Strategic thought leadership for sustainable transition 

  • Client specific requests also taken

Client Benefits: 

  • Completely free of cost 

  • NDA signed by all team members 

  • Agreed working terms laid out at the start of the project 

  • Defined scope of work and deliverables 

  • Regular and reliable updates and meetings

  • You’ll work with a diverse range of students

  • Each team is hand-selected to your meet your requirements

How it works: 

  1. Our Leadership Team holds an initial meeting with our client and outline collective goals.

  2. We begin recruiting our specialist teams at the start of each term (starting October or January).

  3. Our student consultants go through a rigorous application and interview process so that only the very best are selected.  

  4. The specialist team then meets with the client online (or in-person where possible), begin NDA signing process and agree working terms and meeting dates 

  5. The team then gets to work, collating impactful resources and research beneficial to the clients who are updated through fortnightly meetings. 

  6. The final report is presented at the end of term (December or March). 

With a network of 200+ students, we hand-pick specialist teams consisting of a Consulting Director, Team Leader and Student Consultants from a range of years and courses each specific to our clients and their needs. 

If you're interested in our sustainability consulting services or a Student Consultant position enquire below. 


Eve Rose

   President, Durham

Eve is a second year Climate Science student at Durham University.With the help of her Carbon and Climate Literacy and Green Impact Auditor Training she is an avid public speaker, with a key interest in tackling the Seven Dragons of Inaction on both an individual and organisational scale. As President of Durham University's Climate Society, a Primary Voices Educator and STEM Ambassador, Eve spends her time educating others and implementing Environmental Sustainable Practices. Outside of university Eve is a Project Assistant, Youth Worker and Professional Brazilian Samba Drummer, performing in multiple bands nationwide and working as the Event manager of the three-time award winning climate action festival B.O.P Fest. 


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Kian Cooper-Smith

Vice-President, Durham

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Kian is a second year Economics student studying at Durham University who enjoys reading, gaming and a good debate.

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Thecla Richardson

Consulting Director, Durham

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Thecla is a second year History and Politics student at Durham University. Her areas of interest include medical and environmental issues, innovative technologies and human rights. Thecla is particularly interested in the advancement of ESG policies and she is also President of the Durham University Environmental Law Society. Outside of her degree, Thecla enjoys singing, hiking, rowing and dancing.

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Edward Thorpe

Consulting Director, Durham

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Ed is a fourth year Geography student at Durham University who recently undertook a placement year and has a keen interest in the progression of the solar industry, rugby and cooking.

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Julia Kan

Consulting Director, Durham

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Julia is a second year Finance student at Durham University who enjoys boxing, travelling and reading!

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John Manalo

Recruitment, Marketing Director, Durham

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John is a second year Economic student studying at Durham University.

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Valeria Prado

Advertisement, Marketing Director, Durham

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Valeria is a second year CHSS student studying at Durham University. 

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