Our branch at Durham brings on elite students to tough strategic thinking and key research

Durham scholars are highly motivated and we are proud to engage them in our programmes, bringing on the most talented budding consultants and researchers for change.

If you are an aspiring change-maker at Durham who understands the central importance of sustainability in our economy and society, our team there is keen to hear from you.


Angus Finnegan

Branch Director, Durham

Angus is a third-year International Relations and History student at Durham University. He's particularly interested in how the power dynamics of international affairs can be used to address the climate crisis. He has consulting experience as a former team leader at Durham's Six Degrees branch as well as having served on 180 Degrees' Consulting global team. As Branch Director, Angus oversees all consulting and research activity, as well as participating in client engagement and branch development. 

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Harry Mercer

Co-Development Director, Durham


Harry is a third-year student studying Social Sciences at Durham University. He is interested in the connection between social and environmental issues, and how these can be improved through environmental policy. Harry has had experience in law and consulting, and most recently took charge of writing and delivering an extensive sustainability report for Leo Minor, an international textiles distributor based in Tunisia.

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Annabel Hosking

Co-Development Director, Durham

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Annabel is a second-year Economics student at Durham University with an interest in emerging markets, econometrics and behavioural economics; she was a consultant for Six Degrees last year. As sustainable development becomes increasingly prevalent to the world, Annabel is keen to ensure the work of Six Degrees creates a tangible impact as it expands its outreach. She enjoys working with start-ups and over the summer worked to deepen past client engagements through working with Gather Investing during the launch of their sustainable investment app


        Mim Pennington 

Consulting Director, Durham

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Mim is a third-year student at Durham University studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. With an interest in global justice, she aspires to work within the international development sector with a particular focus on reducing global inequalities enhanced by the climate crisis. She has experience working within a global consultancy firm where she specialised in recruitment, undertook research regarding employee engagement and carried out data analysis.


     Molly Jaques

Publicity Director, Durham

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Molly is a second-year Anthropology student at Durham University. She has a particular interest in all matters ESG particularly analysing the responsibility of the corporate world regarding sustainability. Molly has experience in marketing for Microsoft Consultancy and Fintech companies co-ordinating and overseeing events, campaigns, and online platforms. She is excited to begin her first year with Six Degrees and looks forward working closely alongside the rest of the team.