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Our Bristol Branch is well-placed to lead by example for national sustainability leadership

Bristol is the nation's greenest city, and globally recognised as a leader in urban sustainability. Our Bristol consultants benefit from the rich network and innovation ecosystem to maximise their contribution to high-impact projects.

We are plugged into key actors and stakeholders in Bristol - this city is an exciting place for our programmes to make change.

Our Client Portfolio:

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Branch Director, Bristol

Tegan Kemp

Tegan is an MSc Environmental Policy and Management student at the University of Bristol. An ecocentric view is reflected across her lifestyle choices; zero waste shopping; vegan diet; reduced transport emissions. Tegan has experience as a consultant for CSRN, in partnership with the 180 Degrees Consulting Bristol branch. Stepping up from Development Director, Tegan has managed six projects in her time as Branch Director.


Consulting Director, Bristol

Adrianna Jezierska

Adrianna is an MRes Sustainable Futures student at the University of Bristol. Previous to this, she completed a BSc in Marketing at the University of Southampton. With interest in corporations, technology, and communications, she aspires to enter the field of public policy, especially policy at the intersection of sustainability and research. Adrianna spent eight months working at the Public Policy| Southampton, assisting the team in various policy-related activities in the COP26 and Climate Exp0 conference run-up.


Consulting Director, Bristol

Amy Hirtenstein

Amy is a BA Hons Philosophy & Theology student at Bristol University. She has a particular interest in global justice, with a focus on encouraging greater transparency and accountability when discussing the climate crisis. Amy has experience as an intern for New Link Consulting where she specialised in recruitment and assisted in youth outreach.  

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Thomas Moloney

Development Director, Bristol

Thomas is an MSc Environmental Policy and Management student at the University of Bristol. With a passion for sustainable development, he believes that it is not just the role of individuals to reduce their environmental impact, but also vital for businesses to get involved as well.


Tilly Watson

Publicity Director, Bristol

Tilly is a Contemporary Identities MSc student at the University of Bristol. She works as the Operations Director for a legal technology startup and through her position has cultivated her interest in how businesses can grow sustainably from the beginning. She has a keen interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and had success in implementing a CSR policy at the company she works for.

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