Our Edinburgh Branch brings the depth and sustainability expertise of elite scholars to the latest challenges

The University of Edinburgh is a key place for us to engage the most capable scholars in our programmes.


Our Edinburgh Branch focuses on both consulting and research. The Branch in its first year has run successful consulting projects for Scotland the Bread, Bridges for Enterprises and Eco Medics.


The research team produced an in depth report focussing on the future of the freight sector in the UK and highlighting the domestic policies necessary for the UK to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Visit our Past Projects and Research Products page to access these materials.


Rebecca Marcone

Branch Co-Director, Edinburgh

Rebecca is founder of the branch, and is reading for an MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating with a BA in PPE from King’s College London, she decided to move up North to specialise in the field of sustainable development. She is interested in the intersection between ethics and public policy and she is particularly passionate about food policy and the impact that the food system has on social and environmental sustainability.  As Co-Director of the Edinburgh branch, she is hoping to engage students from different backgrounds, and she is committed to having a positive impact within the city and beyond. 

Martha Stokes

Branch Co-Director, Edinburgh

Martha is studying for a Masters in Environment & Development at the University of Edinburgh. She is thrilled to be taking on the position as branch co-director for the Edinburgh branch of Six Degrees. Prior to this role, Martha graduated in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and spent several years as a management consultant applying behavioural and communication insights to projects across the public, private and charity sectors. She also has extensive pro-bono experience with environmental and development charities. Outside of work and study, she enjoys photography and learning languages.

Sina Spachmann

Development Director, Edinburgh

Sina is studying MSc Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh. Her primary focus is on environmental change, indigenous rights and corporate sustainability. Her goal is to become an advocate for intra- and intergenerational environmental and social justice. With sustainability playing an immense role in both her academic and personal life, she is thrilled to be able to engage with the challenges of our time and to work towards finding solutions within her role as Development Director in Edinburgh.

Dawson Markle

Consulting Director, Edinburgh

Dawson graduated from his BSc in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia in 2016. Since then, he has applied himself professionally in research and project development in Canada’s resource sector. As a passion of his, Dawson has supported several organizations with various development initiatives over the years, including conducting agriculture research in Zambia, advocating for increased federal investment into international development, and delivering recommendations on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Canada. Dawson is currently studying his MSc Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh. In his spare time, Dawson enjoys playing rugby, socializing, and all things horror. 

Lavinia Faccioli

Research Co-Director, Edinburgh

Lavinia is undertaking a MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh and has a BA in Politics and International Relations. She is interested in international climate and environmental policy, specifically related to the climate change issue. She has worked as advocacy management intern at TERN, a London startup, helping refugees becoming entrepreneurs in Europe. She has also volunteered for a regional humanitarian project, raising funds and organizing events. As Research Co-Director, Lavinia aims at helping Six Degrees’ implementation in Edinburgh.

Madi-Leigh Campbell

Research Co-Director, Edinburgh

Madi-Leigh is completing an MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh and will serve as the Research Director of the Edinburgh branch. Having graduated with an MA in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, she has a keen interest in international environmental policy, specifically resource management. Before joining Six Degrees, Madi-Leigh took part in various university-led research opportunities; contributing to publications including the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Review.

Carolina Nicoletti

Publicity Director, Edinburgh

Carolina is studying for a Masters in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh. She graduated in July 2020 with a BSc (Hons) in Management from the University of Bath. Building on her business studies, she is interested in understanding the complex links between environmental degradation and economic development, with a particular focus on circular economy. During her undergraduate degree she extensively focused on marketing and she cannot wait to put it in practice what she learnt as the publicity director for the Edinburgh branch of Six Degrees. She is aiming to build an engaged and inclusive community around the society.