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Our Edinburgh Branch brings the depth and sustainability expertise of elite scholars to the latest challenges

The University of Edinburgh is a key place for us to engage the most capable scholars in our programmes.


Our Edinburgh Branch focuses on both consulting and research and is in its third year of operation. This year the branch aims to develop the work of the founders by taking on increasingly more complicated and demanding projects as well as focusing on internal development. The current team are dedicated to expanding the reach of Six Degrees in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Branch has current consulting and research projects in the sectors of freight and logistics, speciality coffee, food security and air pollution. Visit our Past Projects and Research Products page to access findings from previous projects!


Raymond Liao

Co-Branch Director, Edinburgh

Raymond joined Six Degrees Edinburgh in 2023 as Co-Branch Director to continuously strengthen Six Degrees Edinburgh's capabilities.  Before joining Six Degrees Edinburgh, Raymond spent six years delivering bespoke advice as a compliance professional in APAC alternative asset management sector.  He also actively engaged in other social commitments, from mentoring undergraduate students to overseeing charitable organization operations. 

Currently, Raymond is pursuing an MSc in Global Strategy and Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh, with a particular interest in NGO-business interactions.  He received his BBA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012.  Raymond speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean (learned from his 1-year study in Seoul, South Korea)!


Pauline Chen

Co-Branch Director (Development), Edinburgh

As an MSc Global Strategy and Sustainability, Pauline is interested in stimulating social change and sustainable development in the business context.

Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, with the goal and value of promoting inclusivity and minimizing inequality, she organized a student-led volunteering group in rural areas in Taiwan.


Dhananjay Kumar

Consulting Director, Edinburgh

Dhananjay, a PhD student specializing in Quantitative Biology, Biophysics, and Structural Biology, seamlessly blends his profound scientific curiosity with a dedicated commitment to sustainability and environmental issues. Hailing from a background deeply rooted in the social and environmental sector in India. Dhananjay has been actively involved in collaborative projects with NGOs and public sector organizations, emphasizing social impact and a commitment to sustainability in tackling environmental issues.  Dhananjay brings practical experience from his involvement with the Edinburgh University Consulting Club, showcasing his ability to apply scientific knowledge to real-world challenges. 

Beyond the laboratory and consultancy endeavors, Dhananjay's zest for life extends to his passion for exploration. An avid traveler, he finds joy in unraveling the intricacies of diverse cultures. On the sidelines, you'll often find Dhananjay fervently cheering for his beloved football team, being a true and hardcore Liverpool fan.

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