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Our Edinburgh Branch brings the depth and sustainability expertise of elite scholars to the latest challenges

The University of Edinburgh is a key place for us to engage the most capable scholars in our programmes.


Our Edinburgh Branch focuses on both consulting and research and is in its second year of operation. This year the branch aims to develop the work of the founders by taking on increasingly more complicated and demanding projects as well as focusing on internal development. The current team are dedicated to expanding the reach of SixDegrees in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Branch has current consulting and research projects in the sectors of freight and logistics, speciality coffee, food security and air pollution. Visit our Past Projects and Research Products page to access findings from previous projects!

Julia .JPG

Julia Beier

Branch Director, Edinburgh

Julia is studying MSc Ecological Economics at Edinburgh having previously studied for a BA in Entrepreneurship and Management in Vienna. Julia also has experience working in an Austrian bank in innovation management and her interests include circular economy, sustainable business models and innovation, ESG and sustainable finance and how public policy can impact sustainability.  Julia also loves to cook and travel!


Shane Londagin

Consulting Director, Edinburgh

At Edinburgh Shane is studying MSc Global Environment, Politics, and Society, having previously completed a BA in Rhetorical Studies with a Minor in Political Science at California State University, Fullerton. Shane spent his early career as a political speechwriter, and this has developed his fascination with language and communication and how this can shape public opinion and legislation. During his time in the energy/utility field, he saw first-hand the impacts of these policy decisions. Both these roles have helped shaped his understanding of how critical it is that we weave sustainability into the fabric of our organizations and governments. In his free time he enjoys anything that gets the adrenaline pumping! Skydiving, rock climbing, surfing, motorcycles... if it goes fast he’s in!


Otto-Emil Julia

Research Director, Edinburgh

At Edinburgh Otto studies for a PhD in Precision Medicine having previously studied for an MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, and a BA(Hons) in Biomedical Science at the Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen).
His interests centre around the impact of the environment (air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and land pollution) on population health, especially on cardiovascular, and dementia. Further he is interested in the connection between climate change and public health and how targeting environmental issues can have beneficial effects to both simultaneously. 
Otto likes to wear funky socks, his favs are with cartoon foxes wearing highheels!

Natalie .JPG

Natalie Hodde

Internal Affairs Director, Edinburgh

Natalie is studying MSc Environment and Development at Edinburgh having previously studied a BS in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University. One of Natalie’s key interests is preserving water resources in order to provide safe water access to all. She also endeavours to promote sustainability within all businesses and industries. Natalie has also ridden a hot air balloon!


Abigail Crisswell

Publicity Director, Edinburgh

Abigail is studying MSc Economics at Edinburgh having previously completed a BSc in Economics. Her interests centre around the intersection between the environment and the economy and she is particularly interested in impact and social investing with previous experience at the Griff Investment Fund within the University of York. Further she is interested in how policy directions directly impact environmental outcomes. Outside of her studies Abigail enjoys playing netball and taking spin classes.

241638702_171316491809521_6911533385487830440_n - Habeeb B.jpg

Habeeb Baig

Project Support Officer, Edinburgh

Habeeb studies Geography and Economics and is going into his 4th year. His interests include issues regarding food, water and health security. He helped consult EcoMedics last semester with Six Degrees and is really excited to get involved in a more senior level this year!
Outside of academia Habeeb enjoys budget travelling and plays cricket!

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