Dynamic strategy

for a changing climate


Six Degrees brings together the brightest scholars from across the nation to creatively formulate pathways to sustainability.


We are the UK's cross-university student-powered environmental think tank. 


It is our mission to facilitate a shift in how the world approaches sustainable development. 



Independent Work

Our researchers produce our independent materials such as policy papers and sustainability guides, based on our theory of change. We welcome suggestions and partnerships for our research agendas, and are keen to plug into the priorities of other NGOs and charities whose work is related to one or more of our six SDG focuses. 

Consulting Services

We consult for a variety of organisations, including local municipalities, non-profits, research institutes, SMEs, and larger corporates. We provide tailored advice on environmental impact mitigation, long-term business value creation, and environmental policy. 

Consultant Support 

We provide our consultants with access to a variety of talks and workshops from industry professionals. Consultants can access materials from previous terms and a resources pack. We also offer networking opportunities and social events within a community of passionate individuals.

Increasing Engagement

We partner with different networks and collaborate with a variety of sustainability organisations across the UK and Europe. Feel free to reach out to us as we are always looking to expand our network. 


Adviser,  UN Permanent Representation of Belgium

They have impressed me with their engagement and willingness to learn ... and high quality content for such early stages in their career.

I have been very impressed by the capability and expertise of students ... to help solve some of the most pressing sustainability issues.

I was pleasantly surprised by the significance of the client and the project we were assigned ... our team leader was incredibly professional and experienced.


Chief of Staff,

Australian Ministry of Cites


Student Consultant


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