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We are the only Oxford environmental think tank.

Our specific expertise includes:

  • Climate change mitigation policy

  • Circular economy business principles 

  • Long term value creation

And we are always interested in offering a more diverse range of problems for our consultants to reflect on.



We believe that our consultants, amongst the brightest and most passionate students, can play a role in supporting business and governments to achieve a sustainable future.

We strive to unlock this potential, connecting Oxford students some of the most impactful clients globally.


Adviser,  UN Permanent Representation of Belgium

They have impressed me with their engagement and willingness to learn ... and high quality content for such early stages in their career.

I have been very impressed by the capability and expertise of students ... to help solve some of the most pressing sustainability issues.

I was pleasantly surprised by the significance of the client and the project we were assigned ... our team leader was incredibly professional and experienced.



Chief of Staff,

Australian Ministry of Cites




student consultant


We work with a variety of clients across multiple governmental and corporate sectors on:

  • Environmental impact mitigation and enhancement strategies

  • Long-term business value creation

  • Environmental policy advice

  • Strategic thought leadership for sustainable transition

Students are trained by industry professionals to produce insights that our clients can trust.


  • Client tailoredIntegrity, reliability, and confidentiality are of paramount importance for us.

  • Dynamic: we value passion, innovation, and growth, both in the world and our consultants.

  • Collaborative on all levels: we believe in the value of collaborations of all stakeholders, both globally and within our teams.

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Claire Riordan

Claire is a 1st year PhD candidate in Civil Engineering, looking at advanced capsule manufacturing techniques for the large-scale production of macro and micro capsules for self-healing cementitious systems. Previous to this, she completed her BE and ME in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at University College Dublin, as well as a research period in the University of Maryland investigating metabolic flux analysis. Claire is interested in the dissemination of information concerning various sustainable technological advances and methodologies which help producers and consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

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